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RE: dc rotary motor

Hi Bob
	A few years ago I used a vacuum cleaner motor (mains AC, brush) to
drive a 12" tufnol disk with 12 bolts on its edge (I would have said
but I'm not sure how to spell it), arcing to 4 pairs of electrodes. The disk
bolted directly to a bolt fixed to the motor shaft with a steel collar. I
used a
simple light dimmer switch (though a quite unusual edge-wheel design,
of the normal knob), and it performed faultlessly. The motor must have been
over 400 W but the dimmer stood up to it.
							Richard Barton

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Hi all,
    I have been thinking about rotary gaps. At Corby I tried Mikes
gap on my big coil. I was impressed by the performance. I noticed that the
spark length varied as the gap got hot. I want to try using a variable speed
motor and attempt to vary the speed to  get the Max spark length . I have a
suitable motor I just salvaged from an old centrifuge. It is variable over a
speed range of 0 to 5500 RPM,and is rated at 360 watts. I don't know how the
controller will stand up to the RFI but I will no doubt find out soon
enough. I
will try screening the electronics and maybe run the leads inside some
cable or something. anyone tried using a variable speed drive ? Any comments

bob golding