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Re: My solid-state primary apparatus

Or, you might try:

The other one is at:

text, drawings, etc.

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Date: Tuesday, June 06, 2000 11:29 AM
Subject: My solid-state primary apparatus

>Original Poster: "Kennan C Herrick" <kcha1-at-juno-dot-com> 
>I mentioned in a posting a couple of weeks ago the patent I'd been
>granted covering the circuit that I use in the primary of my solid-state
>T.c.  It's U.S. #6,069,413, "Apparatus for Generating an Alternating
>Magnetic Field".  I neglected to notice that it didn't actually issue
>until May 30th; since it now has issued, there may be some List members
>who would want to get a copy of it.  The Patent Office makes that very
>easy to do via the Web:  Just go to www.uspto.gov and proceed from there
>to the patent-ordering section.  A copy costs $3 and they accept, via a
>secure link and after registration of your name, address, etc., VISA, MC
>and other plastic.
>Some might also be interested in another patent of mine, # 4,862,042,
>covering how to establish a standing-wave of ionization in a
>gas-discharge tube.  I'd licensed that for commercial use, in signage,
>and am currently at the end of my 5-year lawsuit against a former
>licensee, for walking away from their contract.
>I'd not recommend pursuing patents unless you are naturally contentious
>and entrepenurial (or unless you want them purely for "wallpaper"); I am
>not, so the several experiences have been pretty much of a trial (no pun,
>but apposite).
>Ken Herrick
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