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Re: wiring the thing....

Hi Sundog,
    I use 700 strand loudspeaker wire in my primary circuit. The stuff
people use for wiring high power systems in cars. It is very flexible,and
handle's the current well. I have used it up to 2.5 kW without problems.

bob golding
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Subject: wiring the thing....

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> Hi all!
>   Okey, got some questions about wiring on the TC's.  From my neons to the
> SG I have simple HV wire, because all it carries is the charging current.
> The cap leads to one side of the gap (gap parallel to the NST, cap in
> to the primary), the other cap lead is used for the tap point, innermost
> turn of the primary to the other side of the gap.  My question... should I
> use a copper or aluminum strap from the cap/gap to the primary, or just
> 0 gauge wire? welding leads? stranded? solid? copper tubing?  I know to
> the leads as short as possible also. to keep inductance down, because the
> wire itself adds inductance to the primary circuit, and we want as much of
> the EM field in the primary as possible...not in the leads going to it.
> Thanks for the time & help!