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Re: Grid dip meter

I don't know of a commercial GDO usuable over this kind of range, but there
was an article in Ham Radio (August 1979), by E.G. Von Wald W4YOT, which
describes a way of using a standard GDO for LF. It uses a converter based on
a couple of cmos chips, and an RF voltmeter. The technique involves a
certain amount of maths, but is good down to 1kHz.
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Subject: Grid dip meter

> Original Poster: "Colin Dancer" <CMD-at-datcon.co.uk>
> Does anyone know where I might be able to get a grid dip meter that goes
> down to 100KHz?  I used a borrowed one a long time ago for coil tuning,
> haven't been able to find one since which covers the normal Tesla coil
> range.
> Thanks,
> Colin.