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Re: First Light & Carbon?

Hi Trent

Carbon are not good for spark gap they produce a lot of ion  and don't quench
well in reality they use it in arc lamp because they don't quench and they are
good for sustain an arc even at low voltage.

Luc Benard(Montreal)

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Trent Mullins" <neontrent-at-earthlink-dot-net>
> Greetings all,
> After 3 months and ~450 research and construction hours,
> I'm finished.
> I achieved 44" streamers from my 15kV 120mA NST, 6"x24", .02 mica cap,
> system.
> I'd like to extend a very appreciate "Thanks!!" to the Tesla List and it's
> many talented members.
> This is much more than I expected, and luckily, my neighbors love it as well.
> Now, on to the question:
> Would carbon rods, the ones used in old theater projection systems, work
> well for a spark gap? They are 3/8" inch OD and ~5-6" long.
> I ran across a bunch of these and would like to know before I buy them.
> Many thanks,
> Trent Mullins
> "Bendin' Glass 'n Passin' Gas"