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First Light & Carbon?

Greetings all,
After 3 months and ~450 research and construction hours,
I'm finished.
I achieved 44" streamers from my 15kV 120mA NST, 6"x24", .02 mica cap, RQTCBOR
I'd like to extend a very appreciate "Thanks!!" to the Tesla List and it's
many talented members.
This is much more than I expected, and luckily, my neighbors love it as well.
Now, on to the question:
Would carbon rods, the ones used in old theater projection systems, work
well for a spark gap? They are 3/8" inch OD and ~5-6" long.
I ran across a bunch of these and would like to know before I buy them.
Many thanks,
Trent Mullins
"Bendin' Glass 'n Passin' Gas"