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Re: NST testing

>Original Poster: "Jeremiah" <jmeizis-at-metallicafan-dot-com>
>I am soon to recieve my first 9Kv-at-60mA NST and i am not sure if it works or
>not and i was wondering if there is a way to test it.

Yes, but you have to be carefull. See if you can get a arc from each HV 
terminal to the case, and then to each other useing a short piece of wire 
held with a drumstick (or other good insulator, don't touch the wire or 
you'll end up testing it as a defribulator). Usually, if they are bad they 
die on one side of the secondary. This can be fixed, but it's a long messey 

A friend of mine
>said that some NST's are not ballasted.  I thought that all NST's had an
>internal ballast am i right.

To my knowledge (and I have a room temperature IQ) all NST's are ballasted 
with various sorts of internal shunts, though some are removeable. But I'm 
SURE someone will point out some antique obscure NST from some tiny company 
that proves this wrong, as a rule though, don't worry about it.

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