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RE: SRSG Questions

if you use the rotating electrodes to simply pass between stationary
you don't need to connect them together at all. They simply
initiate a 2-stage spark from one to the other.

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I'm getting up parts to build a SRSG. I'm planning on
an 8" x 1/4" G10 disk with 4 1/8" rotating electrodes.
Since I'm planning on two gaps, I need a copper (or
brass) ring, connecting the rotating electrodes. For
around 1 to 2 kVA, what width and thickness copper (or
brass) would be adequate?

Also, I have collected a number of images I've found
and liked. However, I can't always find who's page
they came from. Does anyone on the list have images
named "rotary_1.jpg" through "rotary_4.jpg"? Whosever
it is has a sharp looking RSG.


Adam Minchey

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