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Re: Superiority of the magnifier

Hi, I personally think Maggies are great, but most likely you will not
"see" a great increas in V vs input power. Why do I like them so much?
Well the fact that you can physically move the tirtary some distance from
the pri/sec allows you to use physically smaller coils, and worries about
pri/sec srikes is no longer. I have used a driver tertary combo (six inch
driver and a four by eighteen inch tertary) from 200 watts to 1800 watts,
13 to 52 inch sparks, respectively. At 1800 watts I get diminishing
returns due to the small size (acually low inductance) of the pair.


David Trimmell

On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Adam Parker" <park_e_r-at-hiwaay-dot-net> 
> For those on the list who have fiddled with a Tesla coil until they have
> squeezed every last possible inch of spark out of it, and those who have
> around with magnifiers, what is the general theory among list members on the
> advantages of a magnifier (if any)?
> It seems that even after quite e few of us have experimented with a three
> arrangement, the specicifics on "just why should we build one" still remains
> indecisive and sketchy. Some people even argue that the extra coil principle
> offers no real advantages over the "classic" system at all.
> Just to quench my curiosity, I'd like some opinions from list members on what
> they think gives the magnifier the upper hand in performance.
> And of course, here's my own two cents:
> It seems to me that the main advantage comes from the huge coupling
> between the primary and secondary coils. This means a great deal more of the
> power is making it to the spark than is in a regular two coil system.
There are
> plenty of claims that support the "de-coupled" theory, saying the the absence
> of mutual inductance between the extra coil and the rest of the system makes
> the difference. It may make a difference. It may make a big difference. I
> certainly believe from my experiences that most of the gain comes the the
> higher coupling.
> What does eveybody else think? I sure hope I haven't stepped on anyone's
> Adam