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Re: Superiority of the magnifier

In a message dated 6/1/00 9:34:05 PM Pacific Daylight Time, tesla-at-pupman-dot-com 

> It seems to me that the main advantage comes from the huge coupling 
> coefficient
>  between the primary and secondary coils. This means a great deal more of 
>  power is making it to the spark than is in a regular two coil system.


Although the coupling is tight between the primary and secondary,
this means nothing, because the "overall" coupling or effective coupling
of a magnifier is still loose.

> There  are
>  plenty of claims that support the "de-coupled" theory, saying the the 
> absence
>  of mutual inductance between the extra coil and the rest of the system 
>  the difference. It may make a difference. It may make a big difference. I
>  certainly believe from my experiences that most of the gain comes the the
>  higher coupling.

The coupling is not really higher.  If there's any benefit from a magnifier,
it would be gained by  following Antonio's formulas which permit all the 
energy to be captured in the extra coil at one time.  
>  What does eveybody else think? I sure hope I haven't stepped on anyone's 
> toes.

In typical magnifiers that have been built, there is no advantage
efficiency-wise.  There are some possible layout advantages, for 
instance the magnifier may fit into a smaller building, etc.

John Freau
>  Adam