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Re: MOT's

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>  Hi nick,
>  A few people on the list have used  MOT's for TC's,I have not used them
>  I do know they must be current limited.a good way to do this is to take
>  MOT and short the secondary winding and then connect the primary winding
>  series with the output of you main MOT's.Also if you are using a single
>  static gap i.e. 2 bolts or the like you should
>  add a high flow fan to blow across the gap to help quenching.
>  Hope this has helped some!
>  Kevin dalpe
>  BTW: be VERY careful with those MOT's there very deadly!!!
>   >>
> Kevin,
> I am sure you ment to say, connect the spare MOT in series with the
> of the MOT power supply, to limit the primary current.
> Ed Sonderman
 Man I feel dumb,I thought that you could put a ballast on either the
primary or secondary side and that the shorted MOT was supposed to go on the
secondary side.OOPS!

Kevin Dalpe