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RE: SRSG Newbie questions

Diameter should be a function of motor rpm, strength of the contact disc
or wheel, and available space. With a slower motor, the disc size would
need to be larger to maintain the same "separation" speed of the
contacts, but if the disc is of questionable material, then you may need
to reduce the size to prevent a catastophic failure. I personally use an
1800 rpm motor spinning a 13" (11" contact diameter) wheel consisting of
lexan for one wheel and G-10 for the other wheel, with 8 to 16 contacts
on each wheel. On my 3000 rpm motor I use an 8" disc, So it's not a
simple one size fits all. For my larger wheels, I am using a 1/5hp
motor, and it appears to not tax the motor in the slightest.


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I'm preparing to build a SRSG that can handle up to 2 - 2.5 KW:

What determines the diameter of the disk I should be spinning? I have
many in the range of 7" - 12"  Which size is correct?
My next question is about motor HP.  How much HP do I need? I have a
Reliance Cap start ball bearing motor.  It is rated at 3440 rpm -at- 60Hz.
If I 
make it syncronous through amature modification I know I will lose some 
torque, but is this  a good choice for a motor?  Or should I be looking
something bigger?   By the way the armature diameter is just about 2" if

that means anything.
I also have a split phase (no cap)  , 1/2 HP  bushing motor - is this a 
better choice? Can split phase motors be modified the same way?
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