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Re: ignition coil for high voltage source

Yes, no problem if you are aiming for a smallish coil. Various sites have
circuits using a 555 timer running as a multivibrator and using a power
transistor or FET to switch the primary of the coil. Another option is to
use a phase type power control, but there are problems with this approach.
 There are various approaches to how you can use this to drive a TC.
Including rectifying the output and using this to feed the primary tank
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Subject: ignition coil for high voltage source

> Original Poster: "Jeremiah" <jmeizis-at-metallicafan-dot-com>
> Is there any way you could use 1 or maybe 2 ignition coils in a circuit as
> a power supply for a tesla coil.  If there is such a circuit or a high
> voltage ignition coil circuit i would be grateful for the help.
> Jeremiah
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