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good capacitors?

	Hi all,
		I was looking around and I found out that Fair Radio Sales 
has got these caps availible...
A high voltage experimenter's dream!  A compact 5"x10"x2.5"  
0.01 MF 100,000 VDC capacitor removed from an exotic government 
project which used 100 of these in series!  Nov '83 date codes;  
1"L #12 stud ends,  7 lbs sh.  #KM14-1000-10   
Are these any good for tesla use? I would add a few homemade caps to have a 
reso cap, but these would help out a lot!

Also, I have a NST so called "one legger" (12/60). I get about 1/4 without 
anything attatched at most... I know it's broken, but CAN or HOW CAN I fix 
I beleive the person who broke it...<<me>> tightened the bolts to tight and 
it slid out of place in the inside. I got impressive sparks before the 

Well, I hope I get this back up and running clean.

Very angry at myself,