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Re: Tungsten Facts (was: Re: Coil Meeting...)

Hi Reinhard,

> Original Poster: "Reinhard Walter Buchner" <rw.buchner-at-verbund-dot-net> 
> Hi Finn, Gary, Chip and all Tungsten|ers,

> You (Finn) wrote something similar a while ago. I think you are
> confusing Tungsten (Wolfram) and Tungsten Carbide. Tungsten
> carbide is used to make lathe and mill tools (for example). This
> is NOT what is (usually) used in rotary spark gaps as electrode
> material. Instead, we use the pure metal Tungsten.

I use machined tungsten carbide tips for all my gap electrodes. It 
works very well. I agree with Gary - conductivity for a large surface 
area/minimal length conductor is hardly an issue IMHO.