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Ignition coil driver (555 type)

Once uppon a time I saw a overly complex 555 based deriver for running a
ignition coil maybe flyback? I cant remember either or no biggie.  Mike
Hammer showed it to me long ago but has forgotten the URL. Its not a
simple 555 pulseing a 3055. Its much more with a intigrated power supply
regulator 7812 I do beleive. While the driver circuit ran on 24v. It
included a arary of catch diodes and ect. For protecting the switching
transistor from the ignition coil... Other than the fact it ran on 24v
and was timed by a 555 I cant recall the exact details of the
schematic... Hopefully someone on the list has seen it and bookmarked it
or the persons page that is actually on may see this... If anoyone can
think of anything let me know shadow42-at-totcon-dot-com

Philip Mac Duffie