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Tungsten electrode resistance (was Coil Meeting...)

To further split hairs, I believe the difference in resistivity between
tungsten and anything else in an RSG electrode is totally insignificant.
The IR losses through a 1/8" diameter by 1" length of any metal will be
nothing compared with the heating generated by the arcing.

Gary Lau
Waltham, MA USA

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		Just to split hairs, the welding rods are tungsten _metal_,
not the
		carbide.  The welding rods are for TIG welding and have to
		electricity through them so that an arc can be created
between the
		workpiece and the welding torch.


		Chip Atkinson 
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		> > I wonder if the tungsten has a higher resistance that
		> > extra heating?
		> I asked the chief metallurgist at "Danit", a danish sinter
		> factory, about this recently, He said the conductivity of
		> carbides is in the range of 1/10 to that of copper.
		> I take that as an argument for brazing short pieces of the
welding rod
		> to copper sticks, and then have them machined afterwards.
		> Cheers, Finn
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		> >         Terry