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MicroSim 9.1 seems to work

Original poster: Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>

Hi All,

I may have spoken too soon...  I tried the first version 9.0 of MicroSim
long ago and it had the file problem and other problems.  However, the 9.1
version seems to work just fine on my old files.  I bet they fixed that
;-))  The new version looks much like the old but the probe section has
been redone which is good since the old probe was buggy.  It is now 27Mb so
downloading is a pain unless you have "broadband".  The new version is at
my site now as I note MicroSim encourages that it be distributed with wild
abandon (I guess that works well for them ;-))  The "real version can be
purchased on the web with a $400 discount so it only costs $4095 =:O  At
least Orcad knows how to sell things...  It looks like the Orcad buyout did
not mess MicroSim up after all :-)))


I never haved used the PCB stuff so I have no comment on that...





Version 8 is the "standard" simulator we use for coiling.  The versions 8
and 9.1 are NOT file compatable but there is a super hard to find
conversion program around somewhere.  Version 8 can be found at:




At 11:47 PM 12/8/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>If you can obtain it, get the "Student Version" of PSPICE 8, available on the
>internet if you do a good bit of searching.  I personally cannot stand 
>because the interface is more ungainly.  But if you desire you can try
that out
>too, from www.orcad-dot-com
>Or just ftp to
>This program will draw and simulate most of your standard analog/digital
>circuits; the diagrams it produces look reasonable in general.
>If you have a unix system then of course  xcircuit  is the program of choice.
>Tesla list wrote:
>> Original poster: "Steve & Jackie Young" <youngs-at-konnections-dot-com>
>> List,
>> I am looking for recommendations for an inexpensive user-friendly program to
>> draw electronic circuit diagrams.  I have Turbo-Cad, but that is an
>> "Paint" is an underkill.  Isn't there something in between?  What do you
>> recommend?
>> --Steve
>/|\ Sputnik