Re: Different secondary design ?

Hi Jeroen,

        You could do it but the secondary losses are only about 1% of the
total system losses, so I have heard. The losses from the spark gap dwarf
the losses from the secondary form. Terry worked this out a couple of months
ago. Rhienhard also has done a lot of work in this area. Check the archives
for "secondary form losses". It would look nice though and save weight, but
you might still be at risk from internal arcovers if you left the ends open.
Just my two cents.

bob golding
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Subject: Different secondary design ?

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> Hi all,
> Is it possible to create a secondary without a pipe on the inside I asked
> myself.
> If so, there would be no loss from the PVC I now use.
> The idea was to use a PVC pipe and grease it slightely, or use mylar or
> something else
> to put between the PVC and copper windings to be removed later, wind the
> wire
> aroud it, coat it, and of course let it get hard, gentely pull the PVC out
> clean the
> wire from whatever youv'e put between it and coat it several times for
> strenghtening the
> wire from collapsing on it's own
> Or maybe if done with mylar inbetween, leave the mylar as your secondary
> So, is this something that has potential, or has someone allready done
this ?
> I reallise this can only be done with rather small TC's, `cause a big coil
> would fall in on it's
> own weight.
> greetings from Jeroen Kooiman from a really HOT and sunny (30C) Holland