Re: 2 spools?

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> >> Could I tie the ends of two wire spools together and wind it as a
> >secondary
> >> or must the wire all be one piece?
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> >Hope this helps,
> >Kevin Dalpe
>     I just bought 5 spools of 22AWG mag wire.  I was planning on
connecting 3
> of them together to wind my secondary with.  Would it be best for me to
> these, or do you think it would not have a great affect on preformance.  I
> useing a 4" X 22" secondary if that helps at all.  Thank you for the help!
> Bryan Miller

Hi Bryan,

We are not talking about performance loss here. That is not an issue.
Potential voltage break through spots however are! If you look at the site
of Richie Burnett ( http://www.staff.ncl.ac.uk/r.e.burnett/sale.html ), you
will see a secondary coil wounded with four different wires. You could ask
Richie how he did it. It's essential that the contact you make is as smooth
as possible without sharp corners.

Greetings from Holland,

Ruud de Graaf