Re: The Strangest Occurance...

Hi Dan, All,
    I have a few questions:
1. Do you notice any difference in the temperature and appearance of the
spark gap? (Constructive interference from the secondary base may be aiding
2. Does reversing the primary leads make a difference? (Eliminates
capacitance between the primary and secondary if no difference?)
3. Does putting a small inductance between the secondary base and the spark
gap center conductor affect the spark length, spark gap appearance, or
resonant frequency of the secondary (need to retune?)? (Eliminates
secondary effects?)
4. What did you say was the size of the wire in the secondary?


Subject: The Strangest Occurance...

> Original Poster: "Dan Kunkel" <kunk77-at-juno-dot-com> 
> Last night I was fiddling around with my coil. The strangest thing
> happened when used my safety gap as the main spark gap. With the center
> post grounded to the RF ground, I was producing the largest arcs I have
> seen to date with this 9KV 60 mA coil. I tried it several times without
> the ground (so it was a plain ol' 2 gap multiple spark gap) and with a
> standard static gap. Nothing produced the arc lengths that the grounded
> electrode did. Normal arcs are 8"-10" but the grounded electrode made
> 12"-14" arcs.