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> I dont know what will happen to this hobby if all these companies decide
>  to stop making commercial caps for us guys that like high power. My
>  moral of this posting is "get them while you can" this is just my
>  opinion.
>  Best Regards Jeff


Part of the reason that companies are tending to stop making 
caps for TC'ers, is because some TC'ers don't realize how much
voltage can be produced due to resonant charging, or inductive
kick charging in their TC's, so they order caps that are underrated
voltage wise, etc.  The sorry outcome is that the caps fail.  Worse
yet, the TC'er may blame the manufacture.  The manufacture says
"who needs this?" and vows not to deal with TC'ers.  In addition,
the manufacturer becomes concerned about liability when he hears
stories about the caps exploding and the TC'er almost being injured,
etc.  The manufacturer realizes that any safety measures being
used by the coiler may be inadequate, etc.  The moral of this story
is that folks who buy commercial caps should understand what
they need, and behave in a professional manner with the 
manufacturer so that it doesn't make things bad for other TC'ers.

John Freau