RE: 2 spools?

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>> Could I tie the ends of two wire spools together and wind it as a
>> or must the wire all be one piece?
>I would use I single piece,If you tie two wires together there will be a
>"bump" which would most likely act as a discharge point producing a "hot
>spot" which will cause the secondary to fail and you probably have
>discharges from the bump to the primary or from the bump to the topload and
>vise-vera.....not a good thing :(
>Hope this helps,
>Kevin Dalpe

    I just bought 5 spools of 22AWG mag wire.  I was planning on connecting 3 
of them together to wind my secondary with.  Would it be best for me to return 
these, or do you think it would not have a great affect on preformance.  I am 
useing a 4" X 22" secondary if that helps at all.  Thank you for the help!

Bryan Miller