Re: Tiny bearings

Hi Matt,

    If you're referring to BB's (Ball Bearings) I don't see why a RC Model
shop for planes would have them. Is it Ballraces you're after? If it is your
best off looking for somewhere that sells Model Gas Turbines for RC Planes
(E.g. Kangaroo, Sofia, e.c.t do a search on yahoo for them). They use the
Ballraces in on the shaft. Model aeroplanes, prop ones, use Ballraces for
the shaft as well, not BB's.

    BB's your better off looking for at a local gun shop (You might get
lucky with the size), the place you bought the machine from or a local
garage might be able to order you some from a stockist.

Good luck anyway. I hate Van de Graaffs 'cos in Physics I always get to be
the one holding onto it (And discharging it). :^)


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> Does anyone know where to go online to find model plains?
> thanks, matt