Rectification and asundry Shtuff.

	Hi all!  Got a for more questions for you all.

   #1!!! BE CAREFUL!!!!  I got a burn this week from an unlikely source.  I
was running a small coil on my desktop, and while it didn't zap me directly,
I got an RF burn on my hand from my deadman switch's casing.  Didn't notice
it till later that night when my hand kept hurting.  It isn't horrible, but
it isn't pretty either.  So beware and be cautious of everything!  I didn't
even notice this happening!!!

 What is the easiest (read cheap too!) way to rectify the output of an NST?
I surmise using diodes in sequence/parallel (MMD!), but what parts work well
for this?  I have only 1 microwave for, er, "Research", and it still works,
so cannibalizing that is out.
  And can I skimp on the voltage rating, or do I have to run it at 2x the
NST voltage because of the non-polarized caps I'll be using?  Would it see
more than the rated voltage on the reversal?

  I know, I know, use a new spool for your coils.  If it breaks, unwind and
start over.  But i have a ton of dead TV's and monitors.  I grab the
flybacks and the ferrite clamshells from the back of the tube.  Lots of good
wire on there.  How badly does it affect the working of the coil to join 2
shorter lengths?  So far, I haven't had *many* problems.  Just a corona
point from the joint after it's revarnished.  Hidden, if not solved with
some "plasti-dip* for tool handles.  Anybody else have to do this?

  I shoulda listened.  "don't use black PVC."  But the carbon-tracks *are*
pretty!  And not to mention the racing sparks....Chalk that one up to the
spark-gods.  But seeing how I wasn't out but 1 hour for winding, no laquer,
etc, the 15 minutes (straight, mind you!), the 2"x6" coil performed *very*
well up to destruction.  3" streamers, lots of ozone, and lots of noise,
Yeah, baby!  Needless to say, the 4kv neon on the 17.2kv15nf bank didn't
even get warm.  Terry F., you are *THE MMC MAN!!!*
  But here's the strange thing I noticed running this coil...I got *no*
interference on the TV in the house at all, and even the radio running on
the same breaker and located just 10' had no static, hum or anything.  ???
Normally I get a huge burst of trash when I use a spark gap for capacitive
discharge stuff. But running solid, this coil made nuthin static or buzz.  ?
(this ins't the coil that burned me)

								Any help/suggestions/comments welcome