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The judge couldn't be more wrong! It was Tesla who invented the single and
polyphase ac systems, from generator, via distribution to motors. And of
course a lot more besides.
You could well be right about your earth. Of course there are a lot of
variables in a Tesla system. I recently showed a couple of small coils at a
Teslathon in the UK. At home one of them gave a 6" spark, when I got them
set up at the Teslathon the spark was only half that. I took them back home
and tested them, and the spark was back to normal.
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> Hi all, this is matt and just won the science fair.The judges were very
> to get along with and stated some false info also.He said Tesla was
> for DC and not Ac!? Am I wrong or is he?Several other arguments suggested
> knew very little about tesla coils.Also my sparks were only 7 in!!!They
> to be 15 at home.Is it the ground rod? At home the ground rod was 1ft away
> from the coil.At the school it was about 20 or more feet away.Thank
> it was only 7 in because a stupid guy in 11th grade went in when no one
> around and turned it on! He said he touched it bare handed right on the
> toroid and it knocked him silly.
> matt