Re: secondary thoughts

Hi Kelly,

	Reducing the pressure inside the coil form will increase the chances for
arcing.  Just like in low pressure neon and other lights.  If you could go
down to 10^8 torr or something then it would work but that would be out of
the practical reach for just about all of us.  Putting SF6 or pressurizing
the core or at least being sure it is really dry in there may be a better
path.  However, it really is just easier to make the secondary large (long)
enough to eliminate the problem in the first place.



At 05:35 PM 05/10/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>ok, i had a thought the other day... most of you that make your own caps
>suggest that you pump the air out to reduce the corona... i was wondering if
>this would work for a secondary... after building it have a hole where you
>can pump all the air out...  i seem to remember someone making a post a
>while back about their secondary arching on the inside... i was just
>wondering if this could be done to reduce the chances of it arching
>TC :)