Re: neon primary?

Hi Trent,

        The primary needs to conduct hundreds of amps at very low (like an ohm
or two resistance).  I don't think neon type gasses would do that well enough. 
However, you could probably easily just place a neon tube near the primary and
it would light too and it would light from the nearby energy.

Of course, you could always give it a try even with a extra turn or two of neon
tubing...  who knows...  I would think adding neon around a Tesla coil could
add some neat effects!  Maybe a toroid filled with gas.  The resistance could
be very high in that case...  Maybe like a plasma ball that could reach out and
get you ;-))  Many possibilities there...



At 08:11 PM 05/08/2000 -0600, you wrote: 
> Hey everybody,
> I had an idea that I hope someone could tell me if it'll work...
> As some of you know I work in a large neon sign shop.
> I could easily fabricate a primary coil out of 8-18mm neon glass.
> Would this work?
> It sure would look cool!!
> Sorry if this is a dumb question...I'm still a newbie.
> Thanks,
> Trent Mullins
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