Re: New solid state pictures

Hi Mike,

Thankyou for your kind comments about the web page.

I had a poulsen arc oscillator on my list of things to try sometime when I
get time !  It sounds very interesting and challaging despite the apparent
initial simplicity of the schematic.  I don;t know of anyone else who has
attempted this so please let us know how it works.


> Original Poster: "Mike Nolley" <nolleym-at-willamette.edu> 
>     Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!!! Great pics, Richie.  I'm developing my
> own low-tech CW coil right now, which will utilize some little used arc-gap
> technology from the turn of the century (the poulsen arc).  It's nice to know
> some of the characteristics of sparks driven by half wave, fullwave, and
> continuous sources.  I will be able to experiment with all three of these
> forms with my current planned setup, and if I'm able to voice modulate it I
> might get a taste of making my own waveforms : P
>     Thanks again!
>                 --Mike