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> > Could I tie the ends of two wire spools together
> and wind it as a
> secondary
> > or must the wire all be one piece?
> >
> >
> I would use I single piece,If you tie two wires
> together there will be a
> "bump" which would most likely act as a discharge
> point producing a "hot
> spot" which will cause the secondary to fail and you
> probably have
> discharges from the bump to the primary or from the
> bump to the topload and
> vise-vera.....not a good thing :(
> Hope this helps,
> Kevin Dalpe
I used three windings of 500 ft  14 gauge wire
soldered together in the first tesla coil models I
made. I didnt know what I was doing, since I had used
an incorrect inductance formula for the primary, and
only used a bare top wire for the discharge, which
only produced about 3 inches length for this mistuned
coil. I was quite surprised to see a much longer
whitish like lightening bolt strike the coils own
secondary at the first soldered joint  when the top
terminal wire was brought to within 6 inches of this
first soldered joint that was only wrapped with
electrical tape. I had used 19 in place of 9 for the
denominator of wheelers formula. Perhaps this 500 ft
striking point was where the true length of the
secondary to resonate should have been occuring, in
any case, this discharge to itself seems very unusual.

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