A rubar is, I believe, an Australian bumper, designed to protect the
vehicle against cangaroos, when they get hit at night.

Also a term used during WW2, to describe, or nickname, materiel that was
unnecasarily heavy built.

Perhaps we can also start to call the strike protection ring for "RUBAR"

I put my cheap coil up for testing the MMC for direct strikes, so that
the discharge was a powerarc to the midle of the capacitor, and it ran
along just fine!

This has been discussed before, I just felt like putting up some
pictures to prove it

I tested the coil like this for a couple of minutes, and the cap is
still happy.

The coil is powered by 2 MOT`s, ballasted by a 65mH choke, the sparkgap
is 2 pcs. tungsten/torium rod in copper details. Cap is 8 56 nF/1600 VDC
Phillips 376 series, 4 rows of 2 caps. They usually last 15 minutes. 



Cheers, Finn Hammer