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> > >2) Extremely low quench times (Tesla used a maggy with about 50,000 bps
> >  >as I understand), this is to keep as much energy in the secondary as
> >  >possible by reducing each bang size. For better quench you can wire a
> >  >multiple gap in series with the rotary.
> >  
> >  I don't "think" he went to 50000 BPS at least when he was also making big
> >  arcs.  But I would have to check to be sure.
> >  
> I think it was more like 5000 BPS, if I remember correctly.  In fact, in 
> Tesla's patent of the magnifying transmitter, he warns not to exceed this 
> else you would generate very dangerous fireballs.  Of course he was working 
> with power levels greater than a pole pig.
> Mike

But not as much as three re Electrum ;)