JHCTES and WinTesla

<< Original Poster: "John H. Couture" <couturejh-at-worldnet.att-dot-net> 
 To All -
 These two programs are similar, however, when comparing them the following
 should be noted.
 1. Secondary Turns Per Inch (TPI) - WinTesla uses a 0.97 factor that can
 cause confusion as it does not agree with the secondary turns divided by the
 secondary coil length equals the TPI of the program. This causes other
 parameters to vary with JHCTES. I do not believe this factor is necessary.
 When making comparisons multiply the WinTesla TPI by 0.97 and enter this
 slightly smaller value into the JHCTES program.
*** You are correct, this factor is there to account for wire insulation 
thickness, I could change it to a variable so that you can measure your wire 
thickness with and without the insulation and enter a more acurate value 
(next version).

 2. Secondary Coil Self Capacity - The JHCTES uses the complete Medhurst
 equation. The WinTesla uses a Medhurst K factor and different equation that
 gives slightly different values for this parameter. This can also cause
 other parameters to change slightly.
*** I've not seen a "complete Medhurst equation"  only tables of values, 
which I have generated an equation to approximate.

 3. Primary Coil (Vertical Helix) - The WinTesla calculations for primary
 vertical coils appears to be incorrect. They do not agree with the Wheeler
 equation when the height of the coil is changed by changing the wire
***  Hmmmmm... I'll have to look into this - could be a bug.

 4. Primary Capacitor -  In WinTesla this parameter is an output. In JHCTES
 this parameter is an input. This should make it easier to design the primary
 circuit because you can input the capacitor capacitance that you have in
 stock or can easily obtain. When you change the primary capacitor with the
 JHCTES the computer will do all of the necessary calculations to keep the TC
 system in tune.
*** It's kind-of an output, the way I use it is to vary the primary turns to 
match your actual value, since in practice, you will probably be able to 
change your primary tap easier than your primary C.

 I am forwarding a copy of this post to R. Scott Coppersmith so he can
 comment on the above. I may have made a mistake because this type of program
 requires coordinating over 30 variables in dozens of equations and the
 number of different TUNED Tesla coil possibilities is enormous.
 All comments are welcomed.
 John H. Couture

*** I don't have a non "cripple-ware" version of JHCTES, so I can't compare 
them myself.  I designed WinTesla using whatever info I could get from 
discussions on this list.  If there are bugs, point them out, and I will fix 
them in the next version. Thanks for your input, I don't get much feedback.

*** R. Scott Coppersmith