Re: Equidrive-ing me crazy

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>  Hi, Please forgive me if I am wrong ;-) , I think that it was a Richard
>  Hull (or possibly TCBOR?, anonymous?...), that was responsible for its
>  concept. It does seem to follow a synergistic approach, equally dividing
>  the C across the primary. But I doubt it would have any "major" benefits
>  for a less then "fully" optimized coil. Anyone actually see that this made
>  a difference? I tried it with non equal C with expectable results, but you
>  must get as close as possible to a balance for any real potential, I 
> ..
>  Regards,
>  David Trimmell

Dan, David,

I did a number of tests of the equidrive system, but there was no
advantage, and theoretically speaking I don't see how there could be.
Tesla used it first in his coils.  Tesla said he liked things to look
balanced, etc.

John Freau