Re: Beginner Questions about Core and Bobbin

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Charles Arruda" <carruda-at-channelseek-dot-com>
> I just looked at this project and its not "really" a tesla coil.  True tesla
> coils are air-core resonating transformers that are designed to resonate at a
> specific frequency, converting the energy from the primary most efficiently
> into an high frequency alternating electrical potential.


I think this is a perfectly valid Tesla coil, assuming they tuned the
feed to the coil - it just happens to be a solid state base-fed resonator
of the usual link-coupled disruptive devices we see everyday on the list. The
resonant rise still occurs - it just happens that the feed impedance is
higher so
you need more volts to the base of the coil to get to 'sparking' potential. The
driver on the page is too 'weak' (no offence) to get the coil flying.
However, as
has been proven recently, base-feeding a coil can get you several feet of
arc! -
But at the cost of complex, heavily enginneered (yet still ultimately fragile!)
and expensive electronics.