22swg wire [was: Magnet wire]

Hi again Alex,
I had a closer look at the enamelled wire data given in the Maplin
Catalogue. It actually states that the 250g reel of 22swg wire has a
length of 70 meters. The only reel that has the 1.5km you stated is the
38swg, which is 5.29. If you wound this on an 8" diameter form, then
the total height of the coil would be:

Diameter 8" = 20.32cm

Circumference = pi * 20.32cm = 63.84cm

Number of turns on coil = total length of wire / circumference of coil

= 1500 meter / 0.6384 = 2350 turns

The height of the coil = diameter of wire * number of turns

= 0.15mm * 2350 = 0.353 meters or about 14 inches

So an 8" diameter coil 14 inches high, will have 2350 turns when wound
with 38swg enamelled copper wire.

Again, check my calcs.


Gavin, U.K.