Magnet wire

Hi Alex,
I got my wire data table book out and had a look.

The enamelled wire Alex is referring to is on page 56 of the April
2000-August 2000
Maplin Catalogue. The order code is:YN83E and costs 3.99.

In the wire table book it gives in imperial units a length to weight
ratio of:

140 Yards per pound

Converting to metric:

0.282 meters per gram

So a 250g reel will have 70.48 meters on it.

22swg enamelled wire has a turns per inch value of 33, so a 50" length
coil would
have a total of 1650 turns close wound.

If the coil diameter is 8" (20.32cm), then the circumference will be pi
* 20.32cm =

So the total wire length = number of turns * coil circumference:

1650 * 63.84cm = 1053.36 meters

That's 1053.36 / 70.48 = 15 reels or 60.00.

You would need a 4kg reel.

But someone else may want to check my calculations first.


Gavin, U.K.

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> Original Poster: "Alexander Rice" <alexjrice-at-hotmail-dot-com>
> To - anyone who lives in the uk,
>                                                if you live in the uk
you may
> have heard of a largely mail order electronics supplier called
maplins, if you
> have a catalogue look up the enamel wire section, they sell 250g reels

> enamel copper 22 swg wire, which they reckon is about 1.5 Km i.e -
enough to
> wind an 8" * 50" coil for arounf 5, that's cheap... or wrong, does
anyone know
> how much 1m of copper wire weighs? or knows the density of copper?
> thanks
> Alex