Re: doorknob caps

I have a small TC (http://home.earthlink-dot-net/~jimlux/tc.htm ) that uses 2 or
3 2700 pF doorknobs (.0054 or .0081 uF)  (of course, mine are 40 kV
units)... Your 5 kV units will self destruct in short order at 15 kV+ from
the NST, unless you series a bunch up to boost the voltage (which will then
reduce the 1200 pF).  Say you string 6 in series (to make a 30 kV unit)..
you'll now be at 200 pF, which is pretty darn small.

If you are highly cost constrained, then beer bottle salt water caps are
probably a better bet.  For long term use, a MMC is probably the overall
best bet.

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Subject: doorknob caps

>Original Poster: "A W" <fateagk-at-home-dot-com>
>I have a question about doorknob caps. I am still very new to tesla
>coils and I am trying to learn as much as possible before I try to put
>one together. My question is, would some 1200 pf/5KV doorknob caps be ok
>to use on a small to medium sized coil? I am using a 15KV/30mA NST. Any
>help would be appreciated. Forgive me if this is a question best left
>for another list like the Tesla-2 mailing list, but I cannot seem to get
>on that mailing list.