Re: Searching for Electode Material

     Go to various smaller hardware stores and you should be able to find 
     brass hardware.  Home Depot will not help you, their fittings section 
     is always poor.  I've had better luck with Dale Hardware and various 
     other local stores.  If you're really hard up, you can order almost 
     anything you want fittings-wise from www.smallparts-dot-com or 

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Subject: Re: Searching for Electode Material
Author:  Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> at INTERNET
Date:    5/5/00 12:11 PM
>Original Poster: "Ryan Ries" <spud-at-wf-dot-net> 
> Hello, I'm looking for some better conductor for my air-blast gap than 
>what I'm currently using.  I have 1/4" steel bolts for electrodes right 
>now, and I realize that steel is not good, but I can't find any copper or 
>brass or aluminum bolts.  (Isn't brass just copper with a sodium hydroxide 
>shell?)  Also, does anyone have any info on the conductivity/heat 
>dissipation of zinc?
> Thanks,
>        Ryan Ries
>                   http://spud.pureinsanity-dot-net