Re: Capacitor matched size

> Hi Kamil ...
> if you design the cap to be resonant with the power supply you run the risk
> of ring up in the tank circuit if the gap doesnt fire correctly     it is
> better to go to the higher side when designing the cap system     this way
> you will be LTR and in a safer zone as far as over volting the cap if the
> system decides to ring up on you...
> Scot D

You suggest me not to use resonant rise effect and make larger
Pherhaps the best solution is to use DC power to load the capacitot.
Than I will be able to load any size of the cap (for example only 50 BPS
but larger cap and of course larger energy stored and transferred to the
of TC). I think this solution also not allows to waste energy (when
the capacitor is not exactly the size that is loaded in 1/2 or 1/4 or
1/6 ... cycle)
For example when the cap is loaded in 1/3 cycle enough to enable the gap
to fire ,
only 2/3 power will be transferred to TC.
Is it worth effort to make DC power supply ?