Re: Couples Therapy

> Original Poster: "Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz" <acmq-at-compuland-dot-com.br>

> Actually, any coupling coefficient in the form (b^2-a^2)/(b^2+a^2),
> where a and b are integers with (b-a) odd, results in total energy
> transfer. a=1, b=2, results in k=0.6, but is just the simplest case.
> If b>>a, the coupling coefficient approaches 1, but the transformer
> still works.
> So, in this aspect, there is no "overcoupling".
> Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz

Hi Antonio,

Sorry, but I don't understand your formula (and I can imagine there are more
on the list). Could you tell us more about this?

Overcoupling is the moment that an inductive loose coupled bandpass filter
stops to decrease the weakening of the signal transfer and the bandpass is
widened to form two peaks in the dB/f graph. This is on a distinct point in
the graph. k<k-critical -> 1 freq-peak (fo),
k > k-critical -> two freq. peaks period. What exactly do YOU mean with

Ruud de Graaf