Re: MMC's again

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "William Woods" <wwoods-at-mail.wsu.edu>
> Hi again,
>     If over heating is a problem for these small caps (panasonic .056uF
> 1600v DC??), and I like the .056uF value, couldn't I just string about
> 48 of them in series?  This would give me a huge voltage rating
> (76800v), but that's not what I'm looking for right?  This would spread
> my 15kV 30mA over a large number of caps keeping them much more cool
> correct?  I'm just looking for people who could maybe verify my idea as
> something that would work.  This sounds pretty good to me.  What do you
> more experienced MMC people think about this?  Thanks for any comments!
> -Bill

HI Bill...

if you run 48 of the .056uF caps all in series you will end up with 76800V
-at- .0016uF    a bit low for a 15/30...

when you series caps  the math is   1/( 1/cap value) +( 1/cap value) ....)

sooo...   1/  ( 48/.056)  is the answer ...

Scot D