Re: Couples Therapy

Hi Dan,

> Original Poster: "Dan Kunkel" <kunk77-at-juno-dot-com> 
> I know that overcoupling between the primary and secondary is bad. One,
> it causes arcing; two, the dense EM field around the primary's turns can
> hamper, or bog down, the secondary from freely resonating.
> So my question is: can you still be overcoupled and not have arcing
> between the coils?

Very easily - the unloaded Q of the secondary is so high that to 
prevent overcoupling (i.e. coupling past critical) you'd have to 
separate it from the primary by several feet. Of course you wouldn't 
get too much out of it if you did that. All sparking coils are operated 
with overcoupling. This is done to ensure a rapid enough energy 
transfer from primary to secondary before the gap eats up the bulk 
of it.