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>Then why must they (MOTs) be ballasted?

well Fucian
an MOT is current limited...but not enough...not as nearly as much as an NST
but more than a potential transformer. You see what the secondary has a
small load (like a microwave oven) the MOT will only consume a couple of
amps. But however when an MOT is taken out and the secondary is shorted, ur
breaker will pop like a pimple. Even if its 15 amp. A cool thing about MOTs
is their amperage, but thats also the deadly thing...500 ma for regular ones
and +1 for larger commercial ones i saw. You can get some nice red-orangish
6 inch arcs off an MOT(well atleast til ur breaker trips). to make a tesla
supply you will need atleast two or more in series. the gap becomes the
greatest challange to conquer...but an MOT has more power than an NST. im
thinkin about hookin four in series for 8kv and droppin it in oil to protect
the secondary. 8kv at 500 ma? not bad at all...thats 4 kva...thats close to
the output of some pole pigs :)....MOTs are great!!! but they aint ur
friends...i heard of one guy who got his finger fried by one...but he

MOT tip: do not run an arc on the core of the MOT because it may shift and
burn ur secondary (been there, done that)

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