Re: Couples Therapy

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: "Dan Kunkel" <kunk77-at-juno-dot-com>
> I know that overcoupling between the primary and secondary is bad. One,
> it causes arcing; two, the dense EM field around the primary's turns can
> hamper, or bog down, the secondary from freely resonating.

The arcing problem is real. The other isn't. Normal Tesla transformers
are not made with coupling coefficient greater than 0.6, but there are 
solutions with complete energy transfer (ignoring losses) with higher 
coupling coefficient.
Actually, any coupling coefficient in the form (b^2-a^2)/(b^2+a^2),
where a and b are integers with (b-a) odd, results in total energy 
transfer. a=1, b=2, results in k=0.6, but is just the simplest case.
If b>>a, the coupling coefficient approaches 1, but the transformer
still works.
So, in this aspect, there is no "overcoupling".
> So my question is: can you still be overcoupled and not have arcing
> between the coils?


Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz