Re: Odd Overloaded NST Effect

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Ryan Ries" <spud-at-wf-dot-net>
>         I have 6 15Kv-at-30mA transformers connected together for a
monsterous output
> of 180mA; at least theoretically.  The current from my mains supply goes
> through my variac first, which has a built-in voltmeter.  When I apply
> power to my transformer bank, I notice the voltmeter goes CRAZY, swaying
> back and forth between about 90 and 145 volts.  I heard someone recently
> talking about the voltage field collapsing as the current field goes too
> high in an NST, or something wacky like that.  The last time I asked how
> many NSTs could be paralleled successfully however, the only response I got
> was "there shouldn't be any limit".  So, what do you think is the deal?
>         -- Ryan Ries

Hi Ryan...

what you are seeing here is the current draw and voltage drop across the
line ... as
the NST's supply the coil with current and the spark gap operates, the
current draw
isnt consistant therefore you get a voltage flux ...   the same thing
happens on my
pig system ...  if you run the NST's as a Jacobs ladder you will see the
current meter
increase as the volt meter drops  as the arc climbs the wires ....   and it
is most of
the time an erratic movement on both amp and volt meters...

Scot D