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> > Hello everyone,
> > I am planning on taking a trip to the Boston public library
> so I  searched  there database and was inundated
> with hundreds of books and papers dealing with Tesla coils,Nikola
> Tesla,resonance and high voltage and such
> sooo...could any of the list members recommend any books that he/she feels
> is a "must read"
> > thanks for any input,
> Kevin D.

 I say read R. A. Fords.  Tesla Coil Secrets.  Read any of the good modern
texts to see the state of the art, then read Tesla Coil Secrets to see where
this hobby came from.   I never developed into the electrical wizart that I
dreamed I would be when i built my first NST powered coil.  Tesla Coil
Secrets was my first "real" tesla book, it reminds me of that first coil and
all the changes I made to it after I read the book.  myself and another
highshool student half the state away exhanged rescource material.  to think
I would be still tinkering around with coils 11 years later.  I can barely
run a dmn , I doubt I understand resonance, wave propagation etc. etc.I can
build a pretty cool tesla coil though,   I guess TWSSAATC for me. Oh and I
have impressed a girl or two.

aaron dietrich