Moderator notes

Hi All,

	We had a problem with the server last night.  I don't know if anything got
lost but if your post does not show up in a reasonable time, please resend

	The question of our "names" has come up.  Usually we go on a first name
basis on this list.  That way we get to know each other and we know "who"
we are talking too.  However, If you don't feel comfortable using your
name, I certainly do not require it or anything like that.  However, please
go by some pseudo-name or handle just so we have something to know you by.

	I ask that posts be clear and your try your best at spelling.  This is
rarely a problem but lately it has been an issue.  As long as you give it a
good try, that is fine.  One liners and other quick comments that do not
add to the disscusion will be rejected since they take up bandwith.

	As always, posts that do not deal directly with "Tesla coils" are
off-topic on this list and they will be rejected.

	If you feel there is a problem or an issue with the list or something,
please write me directly.  I try hard to catch things but sometimes my
vision is not 20/20 and I need to be "clued in".

	I am also going to end two threads.  The thread "good looks" and "air
blast vs. static spark gaps" and their sub threads got out of hand.  I
should have done a better job in moderating that sooner.  Sorry about that...