Re: Microwave Oven Transformers (MOTs)

> Original Poster: "Gregory R. Hunter" <ghunter-at-accucomm-dot-net>
> Gavin & Weazle,
> I disagree.  I don't think the physical or electrical differences between
> the two MOTs will make much difference if the primaries are wired
> antiparallel and the secondaries in series with the cores grounded.  The
> MOTs will be practically independent of each other in such a setup anyway.
> If the MOTs were still inside ovens, and both ovens were plugged into the
> same mains branch and running at the same time, would that concern you?
> course not.  I think it would be a pretty harmless experiment just to try
> it.  The MOT with the lowest secondary current rating will clamp both MOTs
> to it's own current maximum.  The voltage output might not be perfectly
> symetrical with respect to ground.  So what?
> My $.02 worth.
> Greg

That's correct Greg. I have a lot of those baby's tested in pairs of
different ones and the smallest MOT simply becomes the hottest as the only
difference, just as espected.

Ruud de Graaf