Re: Panasonic Caps

Hi William,

	I am out of caps but DigiKey (www.digikey-dot-com) has 1339 in stock as part
number P10516-ND.  In small quantity they are a bit pricey. :-O

The posts to the list are delayed for all kinds of reasons so it takes
awhile for them to get out to everyone.  Up to 24 hours on bad days and
longer on the very occasional "really bad" day ;-))

I trust the math stuff is all taken care of so I won't go there. ;-)



At 01:48 PM 05/02/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi!  Do any of you know a good place to buy the Panasonic .056uF, 1600v
>caps that the MMC calc mentions?  I'm going to need 40 of them... any
>ideas?  Thanks for your help.  I don't know if the list recieved my past
>e-mails... I somehow only recieve stuff that is about 12+ hours old.  If
>you did get them, you'll be happy to know I've found the mistakes is my
>math.  I need 2 strands of 20 of these caps.  It's all straightened out
>now. hehe
>Thank You!